Llorenç Gris is a talented photographer, and we are very lucky to have had the pleasure of working with him.

Llorenç is a reliable and hardworking photographer. He is an excellent communicator, he has always been quick to reply via email, skype or phone. He is amiable, thoughtful, and precise to both the TripAdvisor employees and to the Hotel staff during his photoshoots. I’ve received compliments from the Hotel staff after a shoot praising Llorenç for being professional and personable.

I appreciate that Llorenç is resourceful as a photographer. Because we worked together from different time zones, our team in New York was not always available to jump in if a problem arose on a photoshoot in Spain.

As a photographer, Llorenç Gris is a talented interior photographer. His images are artistic; his exposures are consistent. One photo editor has complimented him saying, “Great atmosphere shots! Excellent color and good composition.